• Natural reboot

    Unlike most plant and chemically synthesized ingredients, peptides don’t interfere so much in the ongoing processes, but restart physiological processes, returning them to the natural tempo inherent in young organisms.

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  • Somatropin – Applications

    Somatropin is widely used in cases of growth hormone deficiency in adulthood. It can also be prescribed to healthy people who are concerned about the problem of aging. Somatropin supports the level of growth hormone that is close to the period of youth in the body, which explains the anti-aging effect of the drug.

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  • Production processes

    Complex and highly technological process of peptides production implies the availability of the most complex biotechnological innovations and methods, colossal scientific and laboratory base. This is what allows the company to occupy the leading position of the young segment of the peptide market.

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  • Basic actions of the growth hormone:

    - stimulation of somatic growth ( bone growth); - increasing of the size and weight of organs and tissues; - participation in the regulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

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  • Melanotan 2

    Pigmenting peptides are peptides that mimic melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is peptide-like and necessary in order to trigger the synthesis of melanin in the skin. This hormone binds to the receptors of melanocytes - cells, which synthesize the pigment melanin. As a result, the process of creating melanin is activated.

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Product authentication

We want you to use only the original products of Polypeptide.group.
Each of our products is delivered exclusively in the original carton with protective holograms and with a protective serial code.

What are peptides?

Peptides are organic substances consisting of amino acids linked by a peptide bond. In living cells, peptides are synthesized from amino acids or they are products of protein metabolism . Clinical and laboratory tests have shown that peptides are able to start the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells of that organ for which they are intended and, as a result, substantially prolong the duration and activity of the cells themselves.

Moreover, peptides provide a protective effect on the body at the cellular level.
The using of a complex of peptides can enhance their beneficial effect on the human body on the whole, which, in turn, allows the human body to resist more effectively the unfavorable external environment, to restore forces and vital energy more quickly after the diseases that have been transferred.

Age changes and protein synthesis

The rate of metabolic processes in each cell of the body slows down with age, as well as under the extreme environmental factors’ influence. As a result, there is a deficit of bioregulators, which, in turn, slows down the metabolic processes even more. As a consequence, the aging process accelerates. It has been clinically and experimentally shown that replenishment of the regulatory peptide deficiency slows down the aging process.

How much peptides are safe for human?

  • Peptides are non-toxic, do not accumulate in excessive quantities in cells. After a certain time after the performance of their function, they are cleaved to amino acids and used as a building material by the body;
  • Long-term using of peptides has confirmed the complete safety and harmlessness of peptides, since they are natural metabolites of the body;
  • Peptides affect not the effects, but the causes of pathologies;
  • Side effects with peptide complexes were not detected;
  • Contraindication to use is the individual intolerance of the components, which is extremely rare. Contraindicated use in pregnancy and lactation, as well as the presence of malignant tumors.
  • Each peptide has its own narrow working specialization, and for each organ and tissue there personal peptides are. And at the same time, peptides of a certain specialization have the same structure in different species of mammals. This discovery made it possible to create medicines based on animal peptides.

    With artificial introduction of appropriate peptides into the body, recovery processes in cells and tissues begin. Cells are given the opportunity to further divide, and old cells, which are struggling to perform their functions, are replaced by new, young, healthy ones. Thus, the aging process of the organism is suspended, increasing life expectancy. Peptides protect our body from harmful toxins, saturate them with nutrients. Unlike drugs that relieve the body of the symptoms of the disease, but do not eliminate their cause, the peptides induce to restore the working functions of the cell, leading it to its original state.

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